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This is the story of Ariel, a mermaid princess, who dreams of becoming human and marrying her prince.

The Little Mermaid

One night, Ariel, Flounder, and Sebastian travel to the ocean surface to watch a celebration. Prince Eric has his birthday party on a ship. Ariel immediately falls in love with Eric.

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But suddenly a violent storm begins. A bright lightning strikes the ship, fire begins and the ship wrecks on rocks. Poor Prince Eric is overboard! Ariel doesn't know what to do: save him or stay in the ocean? It is dangerous to swim near the rocks in such a terrible storm.

it is too dangerous

save him!

Triton is a wise and powerful king, however, even he can't return Eric to humans. The only thing he can do, is to make him a merman. This way Eric will live but only in the ocean. Ariel agrees, and Eric becomes a member of the sea world. Still he is happy to stay alive, and humans and merpeople become allies.

Triton is against any contacts with humans and refuses to save Eric. Ariel is in dispair and runs away from her home forever.

Ariel can't take Eric out to the shore and he slowly goes deep to the sea. Ariel is in despair and she swims to her father as quickly as she can. She tells him that the prince of humans has drowned and it would be wise to let him live. It will make relations between merpeople and humans better.

agree with Ariel

no contacts with people

With her best friend Flounder, Ariel collects human things in her grotto, and often goes to the surface of the ocean to visit Scuttle, a seagull. He says he is an "expert in humans", but he doesn't even know how people use a fork! She ignores the warnings of her father King Triton, the ruler of Atlantica, and Sebastian, a crab, that contact between merpeople and humans is forbidden.

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Ariel, a sixteen-year-old mermaid princess, doesn't like her underwater life in the kingdom of Atlantica, and wants to know more about the human world.

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When Triton learns that Ariel loves Eric, he becomes furious. He argues with his daughter in the grotto and destroys most of her personal collection with his trident. After Triton leaves, two evil eels named Flotsam and Jetsam invite Ariel to visit Ursula, a sea witch.



Ariel is very brave. She rescues Eric and brings him to shore. Ariel sings to Eric, but immediately hides just as he opens his eyes. Eric is so charmed by the memory of her voice, that he vows to find who saved and sang to him. And Ariel vows to find a way to join him and his world.

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Ariel is young and emotional, but still she is a princess and remembers her duties. It is impossible for her to have any contacts with a sea witch and surely she refuses to accept such an offer. Heartbroken she returns to her father's castle. She can't find the path to the human world and lives unhappily ever after.

Ariel accepts, and is given human legs to emerge to the land above. Eric finds Ariel on the beach and takes her to his castle, unaware that she is the one who had rescued him earlier.

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Ursula offers Ariel a deal to transform her into a human for three days in exchange for Ariel's voice, which Ursula will put in a nautilus shell. Within these three days, Ariel must receive the "kiss of true love" from Eric. If Ariel gets Eric to kiss her, she will remain a human forever. Otherwise, she will transform back into a mermaid and be captured by Ursula.



To be continued...

Ariel spends time with Eric, and at the end of the second day, they almost kiss, but are disrupted by Flotsam and Jetsam.

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