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All three of us went through the Pub.

come out

Chapter one

It was noon. But the sky was covered with clouds. Local whim of the weather.

Nothing has changed here.

- Captain? Are you okay?

I heard a voice behind and turned around. It belonged to my first mate, max.

- Yes, quite. Score holds to the top and relax the last days on land. We have a long way to go. Two days later, we sail away.

- We'll make it.

He sarcastically smiled and walked towards the port arena. Order food provisions clearly could wait in his view.

It's been two years since I've been here. This a bit, but circumstances with whom I was leaving this port were not the most enjoyable, but highly memorable.

In any case, it is necessary to use time on land to the maximum. In addition, these balbes will drink days and nights, so we will depart later than scheduled. My business didn't require much time so had to find something to do.


- Hey. Joe, the guy at the dock said Slava is still working at the boar tavern. Do you want to start our" vacation " from there?

- Aah? After a last meeting with her, I woke up in my underwear in five kilometers from the tavern with a broken head. This woman is dangerous.…

- Oh, someone's scared of women? Then I will please myself!

The votes belonged to Joe and Pin. Drunks , thugs and a complete scumbag. Anyway, these guys were on my team. Despite their "bouquet", it was difficult to find someone better. They are good persons.


Half the ship was already drunk and the other was finishing the unloading of the ship. And I was going to" support " the first part. In his left hand a rum in the right boobs. These things never change. Each team member had such an obnoxious personality , a terrible temper and a wild desire to get drunk at any point in time. I don't know how I could take this whole thing on Board, but they're the best. They saved my life more than once and everyone is ready to close my chest when needed. I'm ready to do the same.

Perhaps today will follow the example of the team and going to the tavern. However, there is a arena. People were crowded to watch drunken brawls in brothels and taverns. So they built a special place.

It's time to go watch the girls fight.

Throat's dry for a long time, I should have a drink.

Going to the arena I remembered my childhood spent here. Never looked like the other girls. Was always a man of action. Always went to fight with the boys. They were bullies and weaklings. Ha! The beginnings of respect I received training in good manners, boys. This town taught me everything. How to live, how to survive, how to be strong, how to be stronger than everyone else. The city tried to break me, and eventually it broke itself. I think this is where I met John and Pin. Two little boys, a pickle, who always climbed on the strong. There was no fear in them. Perhaps that's why fate tied us together.

In the tavern listening to the stories of seasoned pirates we raved about the sea. And what to do in this dumn city ? We wanted to surf the sea, we wanted to conquer! And when the opportunity came, we used it. No, we created this opportunity for yourself!

Thinking I didn't notice as I came to the arena and mechanically climbed into the stands.

On arena fought three of a soldier. Every man for himself. It should be interesting. Ha! Let's see how these girls fight!

Time flew quickly and quietly. But what's the point of looking when you want to participate? In my life, I've spent enough with clenched fists, and went out into the sea kept the hand on the sword constantly. But now is desire to go for a holiday.


Going down, I threw a last glance at the newly released fighters. 4 men were going to break each other's faces for the amusement of the public. Although it is unlikely they were interested in, they came for the feeling that can only be obtained in battle. Rage, anger. Battle is intoxicating.

Among them was Max. Someone increasingly want more and more. I hope soon to see his blue face.

Anyway, I walked away.


It would be silly not to admit that I'm an amazing woman. How many in the sea of pirates girls? And how many of those who do not drink rum? I went through these two categories. And yet for many, my name was familiar to everyone. Respect and glory that I earned at sea, quickly passed from tavern to tavern, from port to port on land.

Going to the tavern "Boar", thinking about the girls that go to University. I think that's what they call it. Are they happy? Locked in a cage, not knowing the taste of freedom , not understanding the delights of the sea wind.

There's the tavern.

come in

And then nothing changes. Should it ?

Caught a couple glances, I wanted to go to the innkeeper, but i felt like someone grabbed my hand.

Do nothing. You never know who it is, I have a lot of friends here

Those who know me, did not dare to touch me so brazenly. Reach for the sword. This place is a real bunch of scum.

Fast mechanical movement I drew his sword and stuck to the throat.

- Hush, hush, pretty one! Just wanted to offer my company for the night . You're good, and I'm even better.

Applying slight pressure with the blade and let the trickle of blood, I took him a cheeky smile.

- Fuck off, or wanna lose your ballse?

I yelled.


I went to the innkeeper.

- Carder! You old fuck! Still working here? Give me something.

He poured me pineapple juice with a smile.

Carder's an old fat man about 50 years old. His life holds many secrets. A lot of stories about his past exploits.But tell them he can't. Think, about 15 years ago, he was captured and lost language.

- Captain.

In three metres from me sat Joe with the beauty of on its knees. He was pretty drunk already. And how he does it. But still retain the clarity of speech and in a conversation with me.

- Captain, to your health.

In one gulp he emptied the bottle of rum and fell off the chair together with the girl.

Next swept a light laugh.

Usually in the tavern, many stories about sea battles , treasure and adventure. And usually this tells the innkeeper. But not in this tavern. Kader's too quiet.

And listen to the history, which could be fiction, and could and in fact be all same like. Treasure ,glory, ROM, battle and women, what else wants a pirate? Even if it's a woman.


I need a drink before go.

Throat's dry for a long time, I should have a drink.

To go deeper into the city

Wanna see girls fight, ha!

It's time to go watch the girls fight.

To go deeper into the city

Not far there is a tavern "Secret Temptation". It's time to hear something interesting.

Maybe some knucklehead will get loose about the treasure. Ha ha.

On the way met many familiar faces. some looked with respect, someone with disgust. Those and these had something in common. They were afraid of what i was doing, what I achieved at sea. They were afraid because Im a girl. And it was a pleasant fear.

Approaching the tavern I saw how through the window flew the guy.

- Oh, You bitch! Well, come here!

Involuntarily I gave a little laugh.

To calm the ardor of the boy.

It is a common thing,go to the pub.

- Hush, hush cowboy! Chill, drink some milk.

- What do you have ? You want one too?

- You're evil,

Such statements have always made me laugh. At least from such people.

Even more embittered with my smile. He rushed at me with his fists.

Evading his blows, I gently slapped him in the region of the liver. These guys always have problems with her.

The guy fell down.

- Bye!

I went inside .

come in

Don't feel pain, he rushed back into the building. I hurried for him.

come in

Oh Yes, I know the pirate port.

Despite the fact that I always caught a lot of looks, here with me no one paid attention. All were busy with "business".

Pushed aside people, I approached the innkeeper for news.Tabic poured me some juice and began to talk about the notorious pirate ships that now also are in this port. These guys are robbing everyone. It's not often you see about 10 pirate ships acting together.


- Recently "the dark Scorpions" , as they call themselves, attacked the English court. 20 loaded ships and about 10 guards. Drowned everyone. Loot was so much that could not take away, he dropped to the bottom of the ocean. Haven't been to England so many ships at one time lost. They have the newest ships. More powerful around the world not you will find web. And the fact that the 10 pirate ships sail under the command of one captain! When such was!Their leader, captain Kevin, in 10 years at the helm stood up. From early years he was engaged in robbery. Say, more fearful "lemon" will!

Lemon ... Yes, the legendary sea wolf. Every pirate respects him.

But for someone to beat him? Never!

In General, captain Kevin is now here with their ships. On the other side of the island stands.He's afraid of something. Retaliation or something. He is cursed. It seems to do so.

He said and nodded towards the portrait on the wall.

look at the picture

- Like the pirate ships on his side bowed?

- And what you too want a harem?

- I've got enough of my assholes.

- Equal in battle, he is not. That is because saber was born, because cursed

- Don't start!

- And why not? The English courts are drowning in huge quantities. When was that? Everyone benefits from this.

And by the way,someone says he will become king of the pirates.

- Pfft.

I choked and spit out half of my banans juice on him.

- Thanks for telling me.

He was clearly not himself. Pirate king. Is it serious? This has not been for many centuries.

But somehow I felt a chill on my back.

Having driven away the bad thoughts away, I finished my juice and stood up.

To get away from the conversation. Damn, Ha! What a joke! I'm gonna go find a better person to talk to.

Despite the fact that my presence remained almost unnoticed, which is very strange. One person looked exclusively at me.I have not experienced danger from him. And he was obviously inviting me to talk. And it was her.

Approaching I have observed one eye. This was a beautiful woman and this flaw only adorned its.

get closer to a girl

- You can not believe the king of the pirates?

Heard it all?Her hearing is good, we say at the other end of the house.

- I don't like people talking for nothing.All sorts of nonsense.

Suddenly, I felt my heart beat slightly. Her dark eyes stared into mine.

- Come on sweetheart, it's time to declare a real pirate.

- And you wouldn't want to be?

- Im? No.

Yes, Yes and Yes again. I don't know why, but that's the answer that sounded in my head.

- Well certainly.

She smiled. I got a strange feeling about her smile. But in a good way.

She took my hand. But this time I have no idea and appeared to reach for a sword.


- I see your destiny. Right on your palm.

All this time she only looked me in the eye.

She's extremely beautiful, I thought. And she has her own history of life. The story of how she became such.

- Oh, you're beautiful too, my dear.

This is not funny, but the desire to leave wasn't still there. I was drawn to her. As if..It's like ... I fell in love…

-What do you feel, standing at the head of their team? When you surf the seas, when you Rob ships , when you get what you want? What do you want?

I haven't seen a nicer voice yet. He was so sweet , so good. What's happening to me?

Jump back and grab the sword. She's a witch!

Put one hand on my sword and inquiring look.

To put my hands on her hips and kiss her.

We merged in a kiss. What I do? Unimportantly. It's worth it. Nobody cares. Heart was beating faster and faster. I couldn't think of anything else. Only about her. And now, I think I already went into full offensive. Tried to completely take over the situation. As I used to. To take her. Now it seemed much larger to me, not that little girl, to bark I walked up two minutes ago. But it doesn't matter , I can do it.

Damn it, what if someone from squard will s..

- Captain??

- ....

- Ughmm, sorry.

It was Max, he with the usual respect, bowed slightly, smiled, and went to Tabaco. However, even despite the whole situation. His embarrassment was more than I could have expected. Besides, he's probably the only one who would've been okay with it. Though of course would have given me a couple of jokes after.

A second later I realized that him so confused. I could be in a situation like this with anyone and he wouldn't react like that. But now ... there was no girl In front of me. In front of me, pressed to the wall, was the Captain motherfucker Kevin


The man who grabbed my hand turned me around . I saw a smile on his face. Typical drunk, telling stories about his "exploits". He smelled of booze. There's plenty. His "grip" seemed weak to me to laugh. However the second hand reached to my thighs. You did a mistake boy!

Fast mechanical movement I drew his sword and stuck to the throat.

- Hush, hush, pretty one! Just wanted to offer my company for the night . You're good, and I'm even better.

Applying slight pressure with the blade and let the trickle of blood, I took him a cheeky smile.

- Fuck off, or wanna lose your ballse?

I yelled.


- They brought his portrait this morning. He's 33 years old and looks 55. Definitely cursed.

- Don't carry a Blizzard. There is a sea , my ship and my sword . The curse leave the children Tabic.

- Will see.

To inquire about Kevin more.

To get away from the conversation. Damn, Ha! What a joke! I'm gonna go find a better person to talk to.

Fuck! No sabre!

She smiled and laughed easily.

She reached out to me, her hand was on my waist.

- And you would like to be Queen of the pirates?


To put my hands on her hips and kiss her.

- Go see the soldier. Kevin Said.

- Why don't you take a walk with me? Instanly said Max

- You won't like this one.

He smiled again

- Enough.

Although if they kill each other, I'll be glad.

- Take care about Tabaco.

Max went back to the pub. And I not saw his glance. Think it's for the best…

What? What the hell? How is that ? Am I drunk? I glanced to Tabico. He smiled mischievously.

I don't know what the hell they wanted, but ...

To snatch the sword.I'm going to kill Kevin!

To snatch the sword.I'm going to kill Tabico!

To run out of the tavern.

I'm barely going to make at least one of the movement and saw :

Max with a big extension cracked with all the dope in the face Tabico.

He plopped down behind the counter.

But what the hell was that? The future king of pirates?

What is this?

Don't ask anything go away.

Just about to leave, but Max blocked my way. As it turned out not me,but Kevin.

- Captain Caro? I have a suggestion. He slyly smiled.

What is this?

Surprisingly quietly I asked.

- You're too beautiful. Your friend will confirm that. And the effects of drinking have eroded as you can see. Please, come with me. Talk. In private.

Cold-blooded-Yes, this I have. At best, I'll just cut it off. At worst, the same. But to hear what he has to say, it was interesting. And yet , he's the future pirate king.

Max is coming with us

Max , get some rest somewhere